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Which cardio style suits you best?

Photo: cocker spaniel Archie doing some cardio.

When done regularly cardio (or aerobic exercise) has many benefits for heart health, lung capacity, digestion, bone density, range of motion, mood improvement and more. If you have any medical conditions please consult your physio/GP before choosing an aerobic exercise.

Here are some reasons you might choose a certain type:


  • No equipment

  • Easiest for a lot of people to integrate into their day

  • Extra sunshine benefits when the weather is nice

  • Can be meditative and calming

  • Social walk with a friend option


  • More intensity & challenge than walking

  • Running improvements make most sports easier

  • Endorphins aka "runner's high"


  • Low impact, easier on the lower back, knees and feet

  • Good option for people with arthritis or other painful conditions

  • Adaptable with a specific pool program from a physio


  • Good weekend activity or half day trip

  • Easy for some people to stay in routine when cycling to work & back

  • Adaptable to fitness level – by getting motorised functions on the bike

Aerobics classes

  • Or HIIT classes, fast flowing yoga etc

  • Quick 30-40 minutes for a high amount of exercise accomplished

  • Great indoors option for all year round – don’t need to find an alternative during winter

  • Added strengthening & muscle toning benefit

If you need a physio Norwood based please feel free to call us 7122 5250 for a chat or to book an appointment.

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