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Keeping up your exercise routine during a pandemic

It can be difficult to stay regular with exercise. For many people the COVID pandemic has affected their motivation or accessibility to exercise. Here are some tips to help you continue to feel the best that you can (chat to a GP first with any medical conditions).

  • Exercise recommendation is 30 mins, 5 x week (150 mins total) of moderate intensity exercise. This could include walking, cycling, weights or swimming

  • Stretching breaks during the day help to relieve pain & discomfort

  • Regular walking breaks or a few minutes of stair-climbing throughout the day

  • Strengthening exercises help to build muscle & achieve personal fitness goals

  • Group classes are a good way to socialize and become strong at the same time

It can be overwhelming to begin any new exercise routine. A physio can help you to design a home program that is appropriate for your level. Or you can chat to us about joining a group class.

Please feel free to call us on 7122 5250 if you would like to chat with an Adelaide physio before booking in.

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