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Stress management strategies

The pandemic has brought additional stress to many people. As well as reaching out for psychological support from family, friends or a therapist, these are some physical health strategies which often help with stress management:

1. Exercise – going for a 20-30 min walk around the block will help to release endorphins, stabilize mood and break up the day.

2. Sun exposure – even on cloudy days we do get Vitamin D from the sun. This is good for our bones and our mental health.

3. Dogs! When we cuddle our pets we get a natural release of happy chemicals in our brain. Additionally, having a dog only increases the motivation to go for regular walks.

4. Postural change throughout the day – aiming to get up from the desk and move around the room. This helps prevent pain and stiffness, as well as give you a brief mental break and help productivity.

5. Stretching – this helps relieve tension and you could couple it with deep breathing for an added relaxation benefit.

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