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How exercise helps with weight loss (other than burning calories)

Weight loss can feel like a long and difficult journey. It often involves guidance from your GP, a dietician or an exercise specialist (PT, physio or exercise physiologist). Quite often the most difficult part is sticking to the diet/exercise regime over the long term. Here are some messages of hope!

Exercise not only burns calories, but may help with weight loss in these indirect ways:

· Suppresses appetite – there are studies showing that aerobic exercise suppresses the hunger hormones which drive cravings

· Improved self-esteem – noticing measurable improvements in your strength or aerobic capacity can help with overall improved self-esteem. This helps with the motivation to persist with exercise long-term.

· Positive loop – when eating well we can feel more motivated to look after our physical health with exercise.

· Mental health benefits – increased serotonin and other happy chemicals known as neurotransmitters.

We also have a friendly and experienced dietician Kate Gallasch at our clinic. Or if you need an Adelaide physio for some exercise guidance please call 7122 5250.

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