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Cervicogenic (neck-related) headaches

There are multiple causes for headaches, including dehydration, stress, muscular tension or medication side effects. Quite often the terms “migraine” and “headache” are used interchangeably, but here’s how they differ:

A migraine is often managed by your GP and is described as a temporary over-excitation of the neural messages in the brain. This is why it might be accompanied by light/sound sensitivity, visual disturbance or nausea.

The type of headaches which a physio can help with are called cervicogenic headaches. This means the headache is a type of referred pain from stiff, sensitized joints in the neck itself.

Treatment for cervicogenic headache often involves joint mobilization, trigger point release and soft tissue massage. This helps to reduce the sensitivity and improve headaches for many people.

Rehabilitation also includes exercises for range of motion and strengthening. This builds the tolerance in the postural muscles, which aims to prevent them from becoming stiff again. Give us a call on 7122 5250 to book a physio Adelaide based.

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