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“Small dose “exercise guards against depression

Recent research published in the American Journal of Psychiatry (Oct 3, 2017) shows that exercise is medicine for depression even when the “pill” is small.


Most of the protective effect of exercise is achieved with relatively low levels of exercise. One hour a week is sufficient to help depression.


At Balance Physio we strive to help you to get back to the exercise that you enjoy. If you enjoy the exercise you will be more likely to maintain it. Sometimes that might require you to do some targeted strength exercises or stretches to enable you to achieve your goal. We will help you to sort through the barriers that are stopping you from enjoying being active.


Sometimes solutions can be very simple. For one client, he found that using trekking poles whilst walking in the hills he reduced his knee pain by 70%. He hopes to go trekking overseas next year and is also doing some additional gluteal

Physio Norwood

Physio Norwood

/ abdominal / and lumbar strength exercises to help protect his knees and achieve his goal. Another client finds pilates combined with occasional physio maintenance treatment enables her to enjoy golf without knee and hip pain.