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Dry Needling Therapy-What Does it Do?

Do you find yourself feeling stiff or tight throughout the day? Pain and restriction is never comfortable, and if not addressed can often worsen over time. Often times ‘trigger points’ or small regions of tightly contracted muscle fibres form, becoming painful. The muscle fibres can become so tight that they compress blood flow around them and in turn other surrounding muscles become overworked in order to compensate. Trigger points are very common and can be caused by injury, quick and unexpected movements, changes in regular muscle loading, stress and sustained postures. One technique that physiotherapists can use to help alleviate pain is called dry needling. This is where we superficially insert a very fine needle, 0.22mm in fact, into painful trigger points. This helps to release muscle tension, increasing blood flow at locations of discomfort and in turn reduce pain and increase mobility. Dry needling is very safe, rarely painful and will often be used in conjunction with techniques including manual therapy and exercise prescription. If you’re battling some aches and pains and want to know more about dry needling, give us a call on 7122 5250. Needling