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Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

  Are you experiencing some low back pain during your pregnancy? Statistics show that more than 50% of pregnant women suffer from low back discomfort, particularly through the second and third trimesters. When you’re pregnant, your centre of gravity is altered, causing a gradual change in posture. Sustained positions then place strain on your back,

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Referred Pain

What is Referred Pain?   Have you ever felt pain radiating down the back or front of your leg, or even down your arm? Sounds like a bit of what we call ‘referred pain’. Referred pain is a neurological symptom that occurs when there is compression of nerve roots in the spine and can often

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Dry Needling Therapy-What Does it Do?

Do you find yourself feeling stiff or tight throughout the day? Pain and restriction is never comfortable, and if not addressed can often worsen over time. Often times ‘trigger points’ or small regions of tightly contracted muscle fibres form, becoming painful. The muscle fibres can become so tight that they compress blood flow around them

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