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Morning Lower Back Pain

Back Pain


Many people experience lower back pain in the morning.  Typically this does not mean there is problem with your back but rather a problem with your sleeping position.

To avoid this problem you need to find a sleeping position that is as neutral as possible.  People are all different and what applies for one person may not be right for another.  Having said that I have noticed that there are some things that seem to work with the majority of people.

Sleeping on your side is the best way for most people to avoid this problem developing.  However there are some that will instinctively move in the night to sleep with their face down or on their back.

Commonly the worst position for most of us is sleeping face down.  To avoid rolling onto your stomach during the night you can try going to bed wearing a shirt that has a front pocket.  Before going to sleep put a marble, golf ball or tennis ball into the pocket.  After a while of doing this it is possible to train your sleeping self not to roll to the face down position.

If you are a back sleeper then many people find the best thing to do is to place a pillow beneath your knees.  This added support reduces the pressure on your lower back and can reduce the morning pain and stiffness.


In the morning do a simple stretching routine to warm your back up and start the day. Rolling your knees from side to side and pulling your knees towards your chest are good starting exercises.

A warm shower or hot pack can also help to free up a stiff back.


If you experience back pain in the morning over a prolonged period come in to see me at my Norwood physio clinic for a personal assessment. Often a course of exercises can set you on the path to painfree mornings.


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